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Frequently asked questions.


Is this an armchair or BOTG search?

How can the Stanza poem be done both ways?

What should I do first?

How does the Cipher work?

How does the Stanza poem work?

What happens when I complete the Stanza poem?

What should I do when I have the Gmail address?

What's considered "the full solve"?

How will the prize money be paid?

You've increased the prize winnings in the first week. How will you determine the amount and frequency?

How can a hunter be as confident as possible that there will be a reward for the hours required to find a solution?


The Cipher is an armchair, but the Stanza poem can be done both ways. 

Solve the cipher and you will know.

You should solve the Cipher.

The Ring poem will tell you how to decipher the keys.

The Stanza poem is a map. You must follow the clues in the Stanza poem to lead you to the end.

When the Stanza poem is complete you will have a Gmail address to reach me on.

You should email me using that Gmail with the full solve of the poem.

The full solve should consist of the city it's in, every location in the poem, and obviously the Gmail Address.

I'll leave that to the solver. There are many ways to pay someone. Maybe they'll want it all in coins, cash, Facebook pay, Google pay, money order, etc?

I began this hunt with $1,100 because it was an amount I was willing to gamble if it was solved in the first week, but after 2000 plus visits to the site it has held true to difficulty. So I felt the need to up the ante to $1,500.

This is my game and the more confident I am on the difficulty of the solve I'll steadily raise it. But this will only be determined on what i'm willing to put at stake.

I've put a lot of time, money, and thought into this passion of mine and haven't asked for anything in return. I enjoy creating puzzles, ciphers, poems, and more and have a lot of other ideas for this site. I plan to gain everyone's trust as time goes on.

To answer the question though. I am Dolos master of trickery and guile. Do not mistaken me with my counterpart Apate, she cares for nothing but fraud.

Any other hints?

Which is more important - numbers, words, letters, history, geography?

Is there a way to know where the cipher begins?

Is computer code knowlege needed?

Are the necessary locations found within the US?

You mentioned the Ring poem will tell you how to decipher the keys. What are the 'Keys"? Is this a word, a number, a phrase or something else?

The Stanza poem starts in the city and ends in the mountains.

I would say all are important.

The cipher begins at the end.

No. Computer code is not needed. The Ring poem has all the answers you need to solve it.

I'll say yes. But it can be solved from anywhere in the world. As long as you have access to a PC.

The "Keys" are just that. The three keys on the ring poem are to be deciphered.

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