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          Welcome to The Enigma of Dolos!


I've worked for quite some time writing and perfecting this cipher and poem, So don't expect it to be easy. Whoever is clever enough to solve this Cipher/Poem first will win $1,100 ( I do intend to raise this the longer it goes unsolved). 

The way this works is solve the Cipher, solve the poem, and win the prize. The cipher is not required if you know where to start, but it will definitely help you in solving the poem.

Once the poem is solved you will be given a Gmail address to contact me. The first person to do so must email me with the full solve of the poem and then you will be awarded with the winning prize. 

The only hint I will give at this time is... "The poem starts in the city and ends in the mountains."

Solve the Cipher, Solve the poem, WIN THE PRIZE!!!

 Thank you for playing!... And don't forget to forget! - DOLOS


Winning prize = $1,500

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