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Kristen Healy
Jul 02, 2020
In DOLOS Discussions
Ok, so I spent a few days working on this, and came up with an unsuccessful solve. I'm done looking at this, but I wanted to share my solve for anyone interested. The red letters in the ring spell "Forget and Kiss it". The cipher gets me to Washington State, as the state motto is "Bye and Bye". When I translate the stanzas of the poem, (1) Starting with Stanza 2 I first get to the capitol city of Olympia (the olympic games bring you fame and colors), (2) Stanza 3: leaving Olympia you take routes 5 and 12 (which add up to 17, (3) Stanza 4: from there you take route 90. (4) Stanza 5 Route 90 ends (11th hour) at Seattle, where Iris (the goddess that communicates with mt Olympus) transports me to Mt. Olympus (which is right across the water from Seattle (who knew there was actually a Mt. Olympus in Washington State. (5) Next stanza: From there Hoh canyon, and Hermes Peak. (6) I am left with the final Stanza, which I was unable to figure out. I went back to the cipher, and came up with the words "LOVER" . And so I translated this to mean that the final spot was in "Aphrodite, Washington" Now, I should inform you that I sent this exact solve to Dolos, and I got no response, so I assume it was not correct. And I'm all out of ideas, so I'm giving this to you all. I don't know if any of it is correct, but I thought it was cool that there were so many references to greek gods that fit the area. Good luck, and please feel free to message me if you have any questions about my solve.

Kristen Healy

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